Become One with Nature

For a long time and for various reasons, many people have attempted to create environmentally friendly clothing, though until recently this group was a small one. Now, as the general public becomes more and more aware of environmental issues such as global warming, more and more people are turning to methods of sustainable living. One of the easiest changes to make in your effort to protect our world is in the clothes that you wear and the products you use.


Many people think of scratchy hemp clothes when they hear the words “eco-friendly fashion”. However, in this day and age, environmentally friendly clothing is as soft and comfortable as any of the synthetic products usually filling the shelves. Another off-putting factor for some is the mistaken belief that eco-clothing is expensive. On this site, we will point out a number of places where you can find high-quality clothing that won’t break your budget.


Eco-friendly products are also an issue coming to the fore in recent years. Many of our favourite products, such as that delicious bag of Doritos, contain palm oil. In order to get this ingredient, vast swathes of Indonesian forests are being cut down and replaced with the palm trees necessary for producing it. With this in mind, we will outline this highly important issue but also offer you alternatives to these products. We will show you which ingredients to look for and which to avoid.We will continue to highlight other environmental issues and offer solutions and products that will help you move into a more sustainable and potentially self-sufficient lifestyle. The more of us that make this transition, the better it will be for our planet.